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The world has entered what has been labeled the New Society and Economy Revolution, one that is centered on Artificial Intelligence (Al). Some analysts have predicted that it will be hugely disruptive, that machines will take over jobs now done by people, and that the resulting efficiencies will result in a shrinking of workplace opportunities. Other analysts note that previous industrial revolutions created unanticipated opportunities with the result that the disruptive effects were offset by creative responses.

Largely neglected in assessments of Al’s impact are the possibilities it presents for improving governance – in all its forms. This brief addresses this topic, looking into the future from the perspective of how it could strengthen government functioning and how it could contribute to a more responsible and empowered citizenry. We use the term Al World Society (AIWS) to describe the future shape of governance.

The AIWS Model envisions a society where creativity, tolerance, democracy, the rule of law, and individual rights are recognized and promoted; where Al is used to assist and improve government decision-making; and where Al is a means of giving citizens a larger voice in their governing.

The Boston Global Forum is presenting this brief to  the G-7Summit in recognition of its  members’ leadership in technology, innovation, democracy, rule of  law and the  protection  of rights of individuals. They are among the countries best  situated  to  be pioneers in the proper use of Al in governing.

AIWS is an initiative of the Boston Global Forum and is being developed in collaboration  with the World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid (WLA-CdM).

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