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Vietnam Spark Board meeting on September 2, 2021

29 Aug, 2021

To help Vietnam recover and develop economy after COVID-19 pandemic, Michael Dukakis Institute has contributed to the Vietnam Spark Plan, which encourages Vietnam to apply the Community Innovation Economy and AIWS Ecosystem. The Vietnam Spark will coordinate...

How MIT Builds Cities Using Lego and Augmented Reality

11 Apr, 2021

The MIT Media Lab is using innovation to boil efficient teamwork down to a science. With an enhanced ability to communicate across teams, MIT is creating a workplace that shares ideas in unprecedented ways. The Changing Places group at MIT tackles large...

Vietnam’s breakthrough strategy for AI economy

18 Jul, 2018

Jason Furman, Nguyen Anh Tuan, Michael Dukakis, Thomas Patterson, Nazli Choucri, David Silbersweig July 18, 2018  Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc aspires to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build a prosperous Vietnam. The AI initiative would...

A solution to reopen in democratic countries

18 Apr, 2020

Boston, April 18, 2020 The economic devastation caused by the coronavirus has been swift. Tens of millions of jobs lost; retail sales have collapsed; and industrial production has fallen precipitously. But even as the government remains focused on containing...

Privacy and Security While Responding to COVID-19

11 Apr, 2020

Privacy and Security While Responding to COVID-19 Prof. Alex Pentland MIT Connection Science, Cambridge, MA, USA C o-founder, AIWS Innovation Network (  March 2020 Abstract Governments and researchers around the world are implementing digital...