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Every government is doing its best to control the current pandemic and to avoid a world-wide economic disaster. AI World Society Innovation Network (, a part of Michael Dukakis Institute, recommends a solution to help solve this dangerous situation of the world.

Governments support to check, identify, classify into 3 groups of high-risk people: 1. people who are infected, 2. people who have been infected with the virus but not yet sick, 3. people who have been in contact with an infected person or sick people.

Encourage all citizens to use the Private Kit: Safe Paths, a mobile app, open source developed by MIT, with members of such as Professor Alex Sandy Pentland, co-founder of, Jeff Saviano, member of etc., MIT Connection Science, alliance of, are development partners Private Kit: Safe Paths. This App will alert users when approaching people who have been sick, infected, or been exposed to the virus.  It will send an alert message that people should stay away, showing the directions to be away from the risk of infection. People can easily download the free app to their mobile by going to The detail of the Private Kit: Safe Path is included together.

This is an effective, helpful app, and strongly recommend as a solution to prevent the spread and reduce the risk of Covid19 outbreaks. If all governments use this Solution and Private Kit: Safe Path thoroughly, it is possible to prevent and reduce risk of outbreak of diseases to the community. As such, it can bring social activities back to normal, which is extremely important in parallel with preventing and stopping epidemics.

If all governments utilize this simple yet effective tool, it is possible that all activities in social life will soon return to normal, avoiding a potential world economic disaster. The world, with this pandemic under control, will allow for a comeback in all economic activities, normalizes and continues to grow.