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AIWS Innovation Network (AIWS-IN) is a platform for United Nations 2045

United Nations 2045 (UN 2045) is project by United Nations Academic Impact (UN AI). The project will cover meaningful issues, and try to contribute solutions, initiatives, ideas can shape futures for a better world, UN 2045 project includes a special series of essays, reflections, dialogs, events, and such, for UN AI’s website and books, and will end in 2046.

The project is in collaboration with Boston Global Forum. AIWS Innovation Network (AIWS-IN) is a platform for leaders, distinguished thinkers, innovators to dialog and contribute for UN 2045 project.

AIWS-IN is a platform to support for UN 2045 project such as AIWS-IN Roundtable on UN 2045, encourage leaders, members of AIWS-IN practice initiatives, ideas, solutions of UN 2045 project (include the Social Contract 2020).

BGF and UN AI co-organize AIWS Innovation Network Roundtables on UN 2045 with discussants include global leaders, distinguished professors, and innovators from top universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, Berkeley, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, Oxford, Cambridge, University of Tokyo, and others, who are members of AIWS-IN. The AIWS-IN Roundtable will contribute ideas, initiatives, solutions, content for UN 2045 project, and AIWS-IN Roundtable on UN 2045 is a part of UN 2045 project.

The first AIWS-IN Roundtable will be on 02/02/2020, organized by BGF, World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid, and UN AI. The online discussions of the Roundtable will start on 02/20/2020, and finish on April 20, 2020.

Every year, AIWS-IN will invite its members to choose the best solutions for UN 2045.