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Prime Minister Zlatko Lagumdzija says “AIWS City, a model for cities of 2045”

At the United Nations 2045 Roundtable, October 27, 2020, Prime Minister Zlatko Lagumdzija,  member of Board of Leaders of the AIWS City, presented as a keynote speaker:

“Our goal is to construct an all-digital, virtual, intelligent, and innovative ecosystem for work – endowed with kindness and consideration, and anchored in intellect. We call this initiative “the AI World Society City” (the AIWS City), with domain name: This is an initiative targeted to implementation and to practice – not to concepts per se or to aspiration.

This means that we must consider matters of practice derived from – or anchored in — from “Social Contract for the AI Age”, which reflects the People Centered Economy, and the Intellectual Society-Thoughtful Intellectual Civil Society. We anticipate using the global Internet – and its connected networks – to help create an ecosystem for work and life supported by AI advances with the philosophy of the People Centered Economy.

We consider the AIWS City to be an application and a practice of what Vint Cerf has called “The People Centered Economy.” The core concept, in Vint Cerf’s words is as follows: “All people can create value for each other. A good economy has an ecosystem of organizations that lets that happen in the most meaningful and fulfilling ways.”

In those terms, the motivation and dominant feature is the fulfillment of individual well-being. He expressed the benefits for European cities, including his city, Sarajevo, when connected and become AIWS Gem Cities. He calls for the rebirth of great cultural European values for the AI Age through the AIWS City.