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AIWS Roundtabe about “Annotated History of Modern AI and Deep Learning”

The History of AI will be organizing an AIWS Roundtable on February 17, 2023, 9:00 am, EST, to discuss the Annotated History of Modern AI and Deep Learning, written by renowned AI researcher Jürgen Schmidhuber.

The roundtable will bring together experts from the fields of AI, computer science, and history to discuss the groundbreaking work of Dr. Schmidhuber, a recognized pioneer of deep learning. The Annotated History of Modern AI and Deep Learning provides a comprehensive and detailed account of the development of modern AI and deep learning, from their earliest origins to their current state-of-the-art applications.

During the roundtable, participants will have the opportunity to engage in a robust and thought-provoking discussion about the evolution of AI and deep learning, as well as their impact on society and the future of technology.

The History of AI is an Initiative dedicated to the study and promotion of the history of artificial intelligence, with a focus on its impact on society, culture and the future. It is committed to fostering a deeper understanding of the development of AI and its role in shaping our world.

The AIWS Roundtable is open to all interested parties and registration is required. It is an opportunity to gain insights from experts and engage in a meaningful dialogue about the future of AI and its impact on society.

Please email [email protected] to register to attend.