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The History of AI event of 2020 – The Social Contract for the AI Age

30.12.2020. Zlatko Lagumdzija
The History of AI event of 2020 – The Social Contract for the AI Age
Zlatko Lagumdzija
Former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Member of World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid
Member of the History of AI Board


Social Contract for the AI Age can be named as the History of AI event of 2020 since it is offering transformative tools and means for creating complex elements and goals of great mosaic reflecting different perspectives in search for our prosperous and shared future.

Development of AI that is impacting our life and work with magnitudes bigger than any human invention in history is a clear sign of necessity and importance of a pioneering act such as the first Social Contract in the Internet and AI Age.

Fruits of Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment have been enjoyed by people because of great thinkers like Thomas Hobbes and Jean Jacques Rousseau who created the Social Contract concept as the leading doctrine of political legitimacy and platform for peace, security and democracy centuries ago.

Social Contract for the AI Age, as agreement among all stakeholders of society to work together for social benefit, is a comprehensive and impactful call to leaders to show wisdom and leadership using science and technology fruits in order to move our planet in the right direction.

Since September creation and adoption by 10 signatories coming from different backgrounds and experiences, under umbrella of the Boston Global Forum and AI World Society (AIWS), it has been endorsed, supported and called for implementation by the World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid and a long line of stakeholders from governments, academic, civil society and business leaders from various parts of the globe.

Social Contract for the AI Age is a pioneering, meaningful and impactful document since it is defining the purpose, vision and values that can be met by tools and means like AI is offering.

That is why Social Contract for the AI Age can help us to shape societies for a common purpose through transformative vision that transcends the technological features of AI and seeks to provide foundations for a progressive, new, better, and more prosperous society.