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Frank Ramsey becomes a Figure in the History of AI

Professor Judea Pearl wrote: “Ramsey was definitely one of the clearest forerunners of subjective probabilities and the revival of Bayes statistics in the 20th century, which influenced the 1970-90 debate on how to represent uncertainty in AI systems.”

Professor Cheryl Misak, author of the book “Frank Ramsey: A Sheer Excess of Powers”, presented at AIWS House, the History of AI:

“1926, a few years before de Finetti, Ramsey figured out how to measure partial belief; put forward a theory of probability as subjective degree of belief; and showed that rationality could be understood as expected utility. These results play a prominent role in contemporary economics and Bayesian statistics, as well as much of psychology, artificial intelligence, etc.”

Frank Ramsey was recognized as a historical figure in AI under the category: Meaningful and Influential Pioneer.