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Professor Judea Pearl is the father of “Causal Revolution”, a breakthrough in AI to help machine learning can answer question “Why?” and solve problem automating human-level intelligence (sometimes called “strong AI”).

The Boston Global Forum and Michael Dukakis Institute honored him as 2020 World Leader in AIWS.

We introduce sophisticated ideas of Professor Judea Pearl:

“Current machine learning systems operate, almost exclusively, in a statistical, or model-free mode, which entails severe theoretical limits on their power and performance. Such systems cannot reason about interventions and retrospection and, therefore, cannot serve as the basis for strong AI. To achieve human level intelligence, learning machines need the guidance of a model of reality, similar to the ones used in causal inference tasks. To demonstrate the essential role of such models, I will present a summary of seven tasks which are beyond reach of current machine learning systems and which have been accomplished.

I believe that causal reasoning is essential for machines to communicate with us in our own language about policies, experiments, explanations, theories, regret, responsibility, free will, and obligations—and, eventually, to make their own moral decisions.”

Professor Judea Pearl received the Turing Award in 2012 with Causal Inference Model, to support and help machine learning can answer question “Why”.

Yoshua Bengio received the Turing Award in March 2019, and wrote an article on Wired August 2019, to show his interest to build Algorithms to Understand the “Why”.