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The History of AI House

United Nations 2045 Initiative – Building a Trustworthy Economy

25 Jul, 2020

Dr. Ramu Damodaran, Chief of United Nations Academic Impact, chaired and moderated a fascinating UN 2045 Roundtable on July 24, 2020. Alex Pentland, Professor of MIT Connection Science, Co-founder of, presented a new model, term: The Trustworthy...

The Rich Legacy of Alan Turing

23 Jun, 2020

As today is the birthday of Alan Turing, AIWS House introduces some writings about him. The article can be found here. The Rich Legacy of Alan Turing by Liat Clark and Ian Steadman, Wired UK Alan Turing achieved more in the space of a few decades than...

Frank Ramsey becomes a Figure in the History of AI

15 Jun, 2020

Professor Judea Pearl wrote: “Ramsey was definitely one of the clearest forerunners of subjective probabilities and the revival of Bayes statistics in the 20th century, which influenced the 1970-90 debate on how to represent uncertainty in AI systems.” Professor...

The History of AI: Professor Cheryl Misak spoke about Frank Ramsey

07 Jun, 2020

The first event of the AIWS House, the History of AI, is the talk by University Professor of University of Toronto Cheryl Misak. Professor Judea Pearl, Chancellor’s Professor of UCLA, Turing Award, Member of the History of AI Board, advised and raised...