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Edited script of J. Pearl talk at Montreal-AI, Debate 2

28 Dec, 2020

1. Introduction On Wednesday December 23 I had the honor of participating in “AI Debate 2”, a symposium organized by Montreal AI, which brought together an impressive group of scholars to discuss the future of AI. I spoke on “The Domestication...

Radical Empiricism and Machine Learning Research

26 Jul, 2020

A speaker at a lecture that I have attended recently summarized the philosophy of machine learning this way: “All knowledge comes from observed data, some from direct sensory experience and some from indirect experience, transmitted to us either culturally...

Data versus Science: Contesting the Soul of Data-Science

07 Jul, 2020

SummaryThe post below is written for the upcoming Spanish translation of The Book of Why, which was announced today. It expresses my firm belief that the current data-fitting direction taken by “Data Science” is temporary (read my lips!), that the...

Race, COVID Mortality, and Simpson’s Paradox (by Dana Mackenzie)

06 Jul, 2020

Summary This post reports on the presence of Simpson’s paradox in the latest CDC data on coronavirus. At first glance, the data may seem to support the notion that coronavirus is especially dangerous to white, non-Hispanic people. However, when we take...

Artificial intelligence: The dark matter of computer vision

04 Jul, 2020

What makes us humans so good at making sense of visual data? That’s a question that has preoccupied artificial intelligence and computer vision scientists for decades. Efforts at reproducing the capabilities of human vision have so far yielded results...

Impede the Motion of Data and You Impede Innovation

17 Jun, 2020

The original article can be found here. Impede the Motion of Data and You Impede Innovation by Ravi Naik Why that is, and what to do about it. Data drives innovation. At scale, innovation does not happen in isolation. Without finely tuned, smartly orchestrated...

Professor Judea Pearl’s tweets

03 Jun, 2020

Glad you asked. I have been in this business for 3 decades and have not found anything clearer, more rigorous or friendlier than Chapter 4 of Primer. Here is a free link https://t.co/Sf5yw328zl. Enjoy, and don't let the mystics tell you counterfacuals...