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Remaking the World – the Age of Global Enlightenment

30 Jun, 2021

Boston – New York, July 1, 2021 Today, July 1, 2021, the book “Remaking the World – The Age of Global Enlightenment” is officially delivered. This book is a collaboration between the Boston Global Forum (BGF) and the United Nations Academic Impact...

The Cycle of Prosperity: Ensuring Equal Opportunity

03 Jun, 2021

Professor Alex Sandy Pentland, MIT, co-founder of AIWS Innovation Network (, contributes to the book “Remaking the World – the Age of Global Enlightenment.” Here are some paragraphs in his chapter: “What will the UN 2030 development goals...

UN Centennial Roundtable “Digital Tax and Trade Consortium”

09 May, 2021

The plethora of government tax, fiscal, and trade digital transformation initiatives are each occurring within a single country domain. A preliminary analysis of this growing digital transformation demand reveals multi-country interest in key tax, fiscal,...


27 Apr, 2021

Live streaming World Leader in AIWS Award and AI International Accord Roundtable       8:30 am – 10:30 am, EST, April 28, 2021 Ceremony to honor Ambassador Stavros Lambrinidis as 2021 World Leader in AIWS Remarks of Governor Michael Dukakis...